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Film GSAS Futures Event: Augusta Rohrbach

“Breaking and Entering: Finding New Ways to Communicate Scholarship”

Thursday, March 12 | Rose Hill, Keating Hall 124

Have an idea for an academic journal article and/or a digital project? This workshop will help you think about how these modes of circulation are related. In an engaging workshop format, Dr. Rohrbach will discuss the complementary relationship that exists between the academic journal submission process and the development of digital projects.

Drawing on her experiences as an academic journal editor and as the creator of multiple digital projects, Dr. Rohrbach will lead an interactive workshop that will use samples from both the academic journal submission process (original submissions, reader’s reports, revised drafts, editorial letters, etc) as well as examples of successful digital projects.
*If you’d like, bring academic journal articles and/or digital projects you’re working on.

Learn more at

Coffee, fruit, and pastries will be provided. Please contact with any questions. Click here to register.

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