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The Threat of the Throwaway Culture to the Elderly in a Time of Covid

The Threat of the Throwaway Culture to the Elderly in a Time of Covid

The current pandemic, which is most deadly to the elderly and those with other underlying medical conditions, unveils the challenges faced by how our elders are cared for in the US. In this dialogue, we will discuss how public health and medical care choices impact such populations, the conditions of congregate living in our country, and the conflict between generations that might inform how policymakers protect the nation’s elderly and most vulnerable.

Please join Professor of Law Lucia Silecchia (Catholic University School of Law), and Professor of theological and social ethics Charles Camosy (Fordham University) on September 16 at 12:30 pm.


Co-sponsors: Feerick Center for Social JusticeFordham’s Department of Theology Living City MagazineLouis Stein Center for Law and EthicsNew City PressPublic Interest Resource Center

The Institute on Religion, Law & Lawyer’s Work aims to help practicing lawyers and law students in their efforts to live integrated lives of faith in the context of the challenges of legal practice, and to promote dialogue on issues related to religion and law. It sponsors national and local inter-faith conferences, lectures and programs on religion, spirituality and legal practice. 



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