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March 6, 2017 | Natural Law Colloquium: Ownership, Use, and Exclusivity


Monday, March 6, 2017 | 6:00 p.m.
Fordham Law School, Bateman Room (2nd floor)

Ernest J. Weinrib
Cecil A. Wright Professor of Law
University of Toronto Faculty of Law

Benjamin Zipursky, Professor of Law, Fordham Law School
Michael Baur, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Adjunct Professor of Law, Fordham University

This lecture addresses the question of how  “use” and “exclusivity” are related in property law, or how an owner’s liberty to use an owned thing is related to the owner’s right to exclude others from the thing.  Relying mainly on the work of Immanuel Kant, the lecture seeks to show that the “right to use” and the “right to exclude” are not normatively independent of one another, but normatively interconnected or “integrative” aspects of ownership.

This is a public event.

More Information & Registration

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