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Evolution and Creation: A Dialogue Toward Ethics by Elizabeth Johnson, C.S.J.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 | 6:30 p.m.
12th-floor Lounge | Lowenstein Center
Lincoln Center Campus | 113 W. 60th St. | New York City

Guided by this often unheeded biblical advice, this lecture will ask about the world we inhabit and listen to the answers of the gorgeous diversity of living species on this planet. Scientifically, they will say: we have evolved. Theologically, they will teach: we are God’s beloved creation. At this time of undoubted ecological crisis, responsible dialogue between these two points of view invigorates ethical behavior that cares for plants and animals with a passion integral to love for the living God. If one sees that the evolving community of life on Earth is a natural marvel which at the same time continues to be the dwelling place of the Spirit of God, and if one then realizes its ruination is a natural disaster as well as an unspeakable sin, then deep affection shown in action on behalf of eco-justice becomes essential for humans who wish to walk a religious path.


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